Ya Girl Renae invites Angela Rae to the show to talk about her book & customer service issues 

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In a recent episode of the popular podcast Tales From A Consumer, “Ya Girl Renae,” welcomed former newscaster Angela Rae to discuss the crucial topic of customer service and to promote her new book titled, “Oh No You Didn’t Treat Me That Way! My Fight for Customer Service Excellence.” The episode was a huge hit, with engaging discussions and insightful points about the state of customer service across various industries. Renae and Rae delved deep into how customer service must improve, whether it’s in the restaurant industry or retail sector.

One of the primary concerns raised in the podcast was the apparent decline in customer service quality. Renae noted that many people today seem indifferent to providing good service, resulting in a landscape where customers feel they have little say in their experiences. Angela Rae emphasized that everyone deserves respect and quality service, regardless of the industry. Her book aims to highlight these issues and offer practical solutions for improving customer interactions.

The conversation also touched on a significant contemporary issue: the rise of automation and AI in customer service roles. Renae pointed out that businesses are increasingly turning to bots and automated systems as cost-effective alternatives to human workers. While this might seem efficient, it raises concerns about job displacement and the impersonal nature of automated customer service.

This shift towards AI and robotics in the service industry has sparked widespread debate. Many fear that as AI becomes more advanced, it could lead to a substantial reduction in available jobs for humans. Elon Musk, a prominent figure in the tech industry, has voiced his concerns about AI’s rapid advancement. In a recent interview, Musk suggested that society needs to slow down the development of AI to prevent potential negative consequences. He warned that unchecked AI growth could lead to a future where human employment is severely impacted.

Bill Gates, another influential tech leader, shares similar concerns. Gates has also advocated for cautious development and regulation of AI to ensure it benefits society without causing harm. These viewpoints underscore a growing anxiety about the balance between technological progress and its impact on the workforce.

Angela Rae brought a unique perspective to this discussion, linking the decline in customer service to the rise of automation. She argued that while technology can enhance efficiency, it should not replace the human touch that is essential for quality customer service. Rae believes that personal interactions and empathy are irreplaceable elements that bots simply cannot replicate.

Throughout the podcast, Renae and Rae shared various anecdotes and practical advice for improving customer service. They stressed the importance of training employees to be attentive and respectful to every customer. Rae highlighted that a culture of excellence in customer service starts with leadership and trickles down through every level of an organization. Managers and business owners must prioritize customer satisfaction and lead by example to foster a positive service culture.

Renae also brought up the issue of accountability in customer service. She noted that customers often feel powerless when they receive poor service, as their complaints frequently go unheard or unaddressed. Rae suggested that businesses implement better feedback mechanisms to ensure customer concerns are taken seriously and addressed promptly. By valuing customer feedback, companies can identify problem areas and make necessary improvements.

Moreover, the discussion explored the potential long-term benefits of excellent customer service. Rae argued that businesses that invest in quality service often see higher customer loyalty and increased profits. Customers are more likely to return to and recommend businesses where they feel valued and respected. In this sense, investing in customer service is not just an ethical obligation but a smart business strategy.

 The episode of “Ya Girl Renae” featuring Angela Rae was both enlightening and timely. The conversation highlighted the critical need for improved customer service across all industries and the potential dangers of over-reliance on automation. Angela Rae’s book, “Oh No You Didn’t Treat Me That Way! My Fight for Customer Service Excellence,” serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their customer service skills and foster a culture of respect and empathy in their business.

For those who haven’t tuned into the podcast, it comes highly recommended. The insights shared by Renae and Rae are not only relevant but essential for anyone interested in the future of customer service and the impact of AI on the workforce. The episode is a call to action for businesses to prioritize their customers and for society to carefully consider the implications of technological advancements in the service industry

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